We believe that primary education underpins the success of a community and this has been a key driver in the development of Horizon since its establishment in May 2017.

Horizon recognises that every school is unique and that it serves its own unique community.

Each school within Horizon maintains its own sense of identity, as we believe that they understand how to best serve their community.

We believe that in every academy within the trust, outstanding practice exists, which we utilise fully to underpin continued success and sustainability for all.

We have one simple tagline to describe our Trust, which we believe encompasses what we try to instil in our children:

Where anything is possible


The core values that underpin our vision have been drawn from across the breadth of the Trust. They are:

  • To ensure that every child is taught in a safe and secure environment where they can learn without worry or fear; where they can learn resilience and emotional intelligence; where they can learn to be aspirational and where they can develop to their full potential, being socially and emotionally prepared to be productive members of society.
  • To put children at the heart of a broad and rich curriculum that is engaging and challenging, ensuring it is fit for all learners, nurturing curiosity and a love of learning and preparing them for life in modern Britain.
  • To remove barriers to achievement, through a no-excuses culture, deploying resources effectively and using the latest research in all that we do, to ensure that all of our schools are good or better.
  • To work in partnership with parents and with carers and to be active in the local community in order to help and support all of our children to achieve.
  • To support and challenge each other to be the best that we can be; to value everyone and to work together with a collective commitment to create opportunities, sharing best practice for continuous improvement.