Horizon Academy Trust

Central Team

Central Team (ID 1208)

  • Michael Dodd
  • Andy Rhodes
    Deputy CEO & School Improvement Lead
  • Sarah Whiteley
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Matthew Soulby
    Senior IT Manager
  • Stuart Clark
    Leader of Learning
  • Sophie Scott
    HR Adviser
  • Anne Caine
    Governance Professional
  • Judi Johnson
    Catering Manager
  • Gemma Meyerhoff
    Catering Support
  • Carla Varley
    HR Assistant & Learning Centre Co-ordinator
  • Sarah Gant
    Trust Finance Support Officer
  • Claire Purdue
    Chief Financial Officer



Trustees (ID 1211)

  • Michelle Kermeen
    Chair of Trustees
  • Peter Greef
    Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee
  • Terry Dunn
  • Hester Bridges
  • Clare Campbell-Hamilton
  • Jane Garnett
  • Stephen Garnett



The primary function of the Members is to oversee the proper and effective operation of the Board of Trustees.

The Members meet at least once a year and by invitation of the Board may attend one of the Board of Trustees meetings annually in a non-voting capacity.

Alan Chaffey

Alan Chaffey is a qualified teacher and holds the national qualification for headship and a master's degree in education. Alan has considerable leadership experience, including headship of two primary schools, both of which he led to outstanding. Alan has also worked as a school improvement partner for a local authority. Although now retired from headship, Alan regularly leads school inspections.

Heather Lacey

 Heather has a wealth of experience with a career teaching in a variety of schools across several authorities. She has been a Headteacher for over 10 years and is in her second headship. She has a passion for pastoral and nurture provision in school and supports other schools and Headteachers. She influences practice and policy across her LA by being a leading member of a number of influential boards.

Richard Marsden

Richard was a career Civil Servant in the Department of Work and Pensions, entering the service as a clerk at age 17, and working his way up to a Senior Executive Officer (Operations Manager) on retirement in 2010.

Richard is a trustee of a Family Trust managing properties in the private rental sector. He is also a trustee of Kirk Ella Parish Relief in Need Charity and treasurer of Kirk Ella Parish’s Mill Lane Cemetery. He has served as a School Governor for the last 7 years.

Michelle Kermeen

After training in Manchester, Michelle started her career at Winifred Holtby School in September 2002 and became Head of English in 2006 before being appointed Assistant Principal in 2011. Michelle's role is focused on teaching and learning, with a particular focus on Literacy and English.

Michelle is also a trustee of Horizon Academy Trust and will provide the link between the members of the trust and the trustees.